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Welcome to Greg Morris Cards! We are one of the nation’s most prominent sports cards dealers. Greg is a long-time collector who turned his hobby into a successful eBay-based business, selling more than 2,000 cards per day, seven days per week, year-round. Collectors know that Greg Morris Cards is a trusted resource, having given us 100% positive feedback on nearly 250,000 transactions.

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Things to keep in mind:

When buying, we consider all sizes of collections. However, we will likely only consider collections with a total estimated value of at least $1,000. In some cases, we might take less, but it depends on the collection. We don’t buy anything worth less than $250.
We accept consignments from collectors of all sizes. All consigned cards are sold in eBay auctions. Our standard rate is 25 percent of final auction values, plus a 50 cent surcharge on all cards that sell for $10 or less. We do not accept consignments with an estimated value of less than $5000.

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