What's The Difference Between a Wrinkle Or A Crease In Card Grading?

What is the difference between a wrinkle or a crease? 95% of the cards we sell at GMC are hand graded in-house. If we find either on a card we are grading, we are sure to note it in the title of our eBay listings. 

Each of the cards are examined under a light. A wrinkle in a card is noted if it is noticeable on only one side of the card (front or back) which means it has not broken through to the other side of the same card. A crease is a fold or bump (or a series of folds or bumps) on the card which is deeper than a wrinkle and has broken through both sides of the cards.

Below are some examples of what we have run across in during grading.

Wrinkle:  This Ken Schinkel card is marked with a wrinkle in the front. The wrinkle is on the far left hockey player on the image below.


The back side of the same card is below; you will notice that the back of the card is smooth.


Crease: This Bobby Del Greco card has a crease. You can see the crease is deep and has broken the plane of the front of the card.

 crease front

The back side of the card is below; you can also see how the crease breaks through to the back side of the card.

crease back



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