What Is the Difference Between A Modern and Vintage Card?

Many times, customers will come to us and ask us to help them with the distinction between a modern sports card and a vintage sports card. 

Vintage sports cards are often cards produced before the early 1970s. Within that said there is also a distinction between pre war/post war (and the war being defined as WWII). Let's look at some examples of ones we have sold or are selling.

Here is an example of a T-206 which came out in the early 1900s and in tobacco packs:

Here is a post war example of a 1967 Topps card where the Cardinals beat the Red Sox and are celebrating the World Series Win. 

These are examples of ones we auction in our Greg Morris Card store on eBay. 

Modern baseball cards are a completely different world from vintage baseball cards.  In the 1980s and 1990s, card manufacturers flooded the market with too many cards. This caused a collapse in values.  Manufacturers eventually restored the market by taking a new approach. They started creating specialized sets that included items like autographs, pieces of jersey, and other memorabilia.  Now collectors can purchase thousands of variations of cards for stars like Mike Trout, Aaron Judge, Cody Bellinger, and Tim Duncan.

Here are some examples of cards in our store. 

This Aaron Judge card is a rookie card which labelled AUTO meaning it has his signature:

And here is a Tim Duncan card which features a part of his jersey "worn during a NBA All Star Game" as stated by Upper Deck (the manufacturer)



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