How to Get a Fair Price for Inherited Cards

We are often approached by people who need to dispose of a loved one's collection of vintage or modern sports cards.  Sometimes, the cards have been inherited after a death in the family.  Sometimes, a relative has become ill or is moving out of the family home.  

In this situation, especially after the death of a loved one, family members may struggle to know what the value is of the inherited cards.  How do you value baseball cards?

The best way for families to value cards when they aren't experts is to sell the cards at auction.  In an auction, families can maximize value.  You don't have to worry about being cheated by a buyer.   The market will decide what the cards are worth.

Families can always auction cards themselves on eBay.  If you inherited cards from a loved one, you should research what is required to sell cards on eBay.  There are fees.  You also need to scan the cards to create images that will attract attention.  You also have to keep in mind that if you've never sold anything on eBay, buyers may not be interested in purchasing from you.  You also have to deal with returns, cancellations, and unhappy customers.

Another choice is to consign with Greg Morris Cards.  Once you send us your cards, we take care of the rest.  We list about 2,000 cards per day, seven days per week, 365 days per year.  We have 100% positive feedback, with more than 219,000 individual feedbacks.  If you list our cards with us, you can trust that many potential bidders will view your cards.  You will be able to view your auctions in our consignment portal.  

Our commission fee is 25 percent of the total sale price, plus 50 cents on cards that sell for less than $10.  This includes all eBay and PayPal fees.  In exchange, we handle every single piece of the listing process.

Do you have to worry about getting a fair price for your cards?  Absolutely not.  It is not in our interest to list cards that can't sell successfully in an auction.  Every time we list a card that doesn't sell, we lose money.  We will partner with you to choose your highest value cards and put them up for auction.  Our customers will set the price with their bids.

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